Reliv Independent Distributor
Why We Chose Reliv 

I'm Nancy from the San Francisco Bay Area. Ken is my husband of 39 years. About eighteen years ago, we met this company, RELIV International. I was dealing with hormonal imbalance and intense headaches. Ken has had two heart attacks and was struggling with managing his blood sugars. We both felt tired and irritable all day. We were not very fun to be around. In fact, our adult children seldom came to visit.

We started drinking these great nutritional shakes every day and in just a few months, began to notice results. Ken noticed he had more energy and was able to exercise more often and for longer periods of time. His blood sugar levels and his mood swings improved. His heart became stronger over time. I also started to see results with increased stamina throughout the day and fewer headaches. My brain fog diminished and hot flashes and night sweats reduced significantly. I felt a greater sense of well-being and happiness. I added the women's health product and a few months later, I had even better results. My hormone balance improved as well as my intense headaches.

Today, we are both over sixty and retired now and we feel better than we have ever felt. We love to laugh together and we really enjoy each other's company. The best part is our kids love to come and hang out with us again. We still use RELIV on a daily basis, including the incredible new RELIV LUNARICH supplement.  RELIV has truly changed our family dynamics for the better and Ken and I will always be grateful.

Because of our great results, Ken and I partnered with this company and developed a home-based business. We are having a blast helping people improve their health and also helping families improve their finances as they grow their business. It's really a blessing to be associated with RELIV International. Our future looks bright and we look forward to many more years of success.